Windows 10 Fall Creators Update – Hyper-V VM Sharing – Because Sharing is Caring

With the latest Windows 10 Insider Build of 16226, Microsoft introduced a new feature in Hyper-V to allow easy sharing of VMs amongst users. To share a VM, connect to its console in Hyper-V Manager and click the Share button as seen below:

You will then be prompted to select a location to save the compressed VM export/import file with the extension vmcz (VM Compressed Zip perhaps?). Depending on the VM size, that might take a little while. If you want to check what’s in that export file, you can simply rename append .zip to its file name and open it either with Explorer or your favorite archive handling application. As you can see below, the structure is fairly familiar to anyone using Hyper-V:

You can find the VM hard disk drives (.vhd or .vhdx), its configuration file (.vmcx) and the run state file (.vmrs). So, there’s really no magic there! It creates a nice clean package of all the VMs artifact to easily send it around.

One thing I would like to see in future build is to trigger this process in other ways in Hyper-V Manager as it’s oddly missing from the VM right action pane and the right click contextual menu of the VM. Maybe that’ll come in future builds. I also couldn’t find a way to trigger this in PowerShell yet.

Once your friend has the vmcz file in hand, they can simply double click on it to trigger the import. In the background, the utility C:\Program Files\Hyper-V\vmimport.exe is called. Unfortunately on my test laptop, the import process bombs out as seen below:

I suspect one has only to type a name for the VM that will be imported and click Import Virtual Machine. Those kind of issues are to be expected when you’re in the Fast ring for the Insider Builds! I’m sure that will turn out to be a useful feature for casual Hyper-V users.


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