Validate Microsoft Recommended Updates with PowerShell

Sometimes you need to validate multiple computers to ensure that a specific patch has been installed. That can happen in the course of a support case with Microsoft who recommends certain updates to be installed as per a specific knowledge base article. In order to do this, I’ve build a simple function in PowerShell to gather that information and output a report. You can find this function on the GEM Automation Codeplex project here:

In order to use the function, you would do something like the following:

@("HOST01","HOST02","HOST03") | Validate-RecommendedUpdateStatus 

The function will then return something like the following:

ComputerName HotfixId InstallStatus KBURL                                          AffectedFeaturesOrRoles                  
------------ -------- ------------- -----                                          -----------------------                  
HOST001     2883200  Missing Hyper-V                                  
HOST001     2887595  Missing Hyper-V                                                    
HOST001     2903939  Installed Hyper-V                                   
HOST001     2919442  Installed Hyper-V   

While running, the function does the following:

  • Gets the list of features installed on the host
  • Checks the recommended updates for the installed feature against the RecommendedUpdates.csv file
    • I try to keep this file up to date as much possible as the Microsoft KB are getting updated
    • I updated the file on March 18th 2016
  • Lists whether the recommended update was installed or is missing

If you have any questions or issues regarding this, let me know!

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