GEM Automation – SQL Change Data Capture PowerShell Collector Update

I’ve released a new version GEM Automation that contains several updates to the PowerShell CDC collector that I’ve blogged about here.

Here’s what’s included in version


  • Optimizations
    • Refined CDC polling query, now only selecting tracked columns
    • New function Get-DataCollectorCDCQuery to generate CDC query based on tracked columns and required joins to enrich the data
    • Added the capability to choose whether a CDC change is collected when any columns (collectionType=All) on the row is touched or only when one of the tracked column is touched (collectionType=TrackedColumnsOnly) using the CDC update mask
    • Optimized Set-DataCollectorCDCTrackedTableLSN to reuse opened connection
  • Manageability enhancements
    • Added the ability to enable/disable table in the DataCollector config database
  • Usability enhancements
    • Added the capability to get multiple reference columns while joining with another table
  • Other
    • Updated Set-DataCollectorCDCConfiguration with latest schema information
    • Renamed column TargetDescriptiveColumnName to TargetReferenceColumnName

Version DownloadVersion Download

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