GEM Automation

Version of GEM Automation has been published to CodePlex. Here are the highlights of this new release.

– Initial release of New-NanoServerCluster.ps1
– Removed explicit type casting in Set-VMNetworkConfiguration in libVM.psm1
– Modified Microsoft supplied script new-nanoserverimage.ps1 to include the containers package

– Initial release of Test-TCPPortResponseTime.ps1

AnalyzeCrashDumps.ps1 initial release

AnalyzeCrashDumps.ps1 is simply a master script that wraps the execution of 3 main scripts that collect, analyze and summarizes crash dumps in your environment. Simplifies scheduling the process in Task Scheduler.

Get-MUILanguagesReport.ps1 initial release
Get-UserPreferredLanguageReport.ps1 initial release

Those scripts are for our friends at the Office québecois de la langues française to help us assess the deployment of language packs and users language preferences accross all the computers in Active Directory. It achieves this by at the WMI class Win32_OperatingSystem using the MUILanguages property and by looking at a registry key in HKU\<user SID>\Control Panel\Desktop\MuiCached called MachinePreferredUILanguages.

If you encounter any issues with this release, don’t hesitate to log issues on CodePlex here.


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