Live from Ignite 2015 in Chicago

Just a quick post before it all starts. First big trip with the whole family, my 6 months daughter did this like a champ! The Ivy Boutique hotel looks great and gives a nice view on downtown Chicago.

On the agenda today, a pre-conference session on Azure Machine Learning. I’m pretty excited about this one but at the same time I hope it won’t be too hardcore on the statistical concepts as I might have a bit of a problem to follow everything. My goal with this is to bring as much information as possible to help us in various initiatives at Global Excel. One application of this I’m looking at is to use their advanced time series algorithms to improve VM workload predictions using the resource metering data captured. Our business experiences seasonality patterns that need to be accounted for when forecasting/predicting resource consumption requirements.

Another thing that might be beneficial is to use machine learning for client segmentation analysis while using clustering algorithms. Sequence clustering might also be interesting to analyze application usage patterns.

It’s time to go and start the craziness that is Ignite and its millions of interesting sessions! If you have questions about a particular topic, let me know! I’ll try to hunt down the right people to answer your questions over here.

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