Monitor Employees Availability Using Lync

I recently build a prototype application to monitor employee’s availability. For sure it’s not 100% accurate but it’s still a good indication.

The application was built in C# and reporting was done using SQL Server Reporting Services. The list of users and their SIP address is pulled from AD and then the Lync Client SDK API is used to fetch the availability. The application is not currently as a service and is polling the Lync server instead of subscribing to status changes.

Here are some screenshots of some of the reports:

Corporate Availability


Employee Availability Status Breakdown


2015-07-10 – Update

The source code and binaries for the app and the reports have now been published to CodePlex. Sorry for the long wait! 😉 I haven’t tested with anything higher than Lync 2010 but it might work as is.


3 thoughts on “Monitor Employees Availability Using Lync

  1. Comme outil de productivité, c’est très bien et l’utilisation de cet outil devrait augmenter la disponibilité de certains utilisateurs qui semblent être la plupart du temps non disponible.

    L’utilisation de Lync en entreprise est de facilité la communication et de réduire le temps requis pour communiquer.

    Encore faut-il que les utilisateurs soient disponibles et comprennent la valeur d’utiliser Lync.

    Avec un outil comme ça, il ne reste que l’éducation!

  2. Hi There this looks very good, can it be possibly be used for Time and Attendance, i.e. time the logged into lync and time they logged out?
    We as a company would be very interested in your app, we would like to use Lync to monitor our employees please feel free to mail me on – Technical Director – Interscope Technologies South Africa. ind regards Anton.

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