Upgrading Windows Server 8 From Developer Preview to Beta

Just a quick post regarding the upgrade process I went through while going from the Developer Preview to Beta build of Windows Server 8 on some of the physical/VM servers I’m using for the storage project where I work.

Overall the process went well but here are some of the small/medium issues I encountered.


Bad news over here. It turns out that the storage format(called the chunk store) used to store  the deduplicated data has changed between the two builds which prevents the volume to continue deduplication after the Beta build is installed. See the following thread for Microsoft’s answer:


At least no data is lost! Looks like I’ll have a few TB to migrate…bleh!

iSCSI Target

While the upgrade process properly enabled the iSCSI target role, none of the existing configuration got migrated over. This meant I had to reimport the disks and recreate the targets A bit of a pain but luckily I didn’t have many to do. I might look at using PowerShell next time, a script would definitely help reconfigure everything.

NIC Teaming

No luck here in getting the team migrated. Solution: recreate the team.



For some reason, only 1 of my 3 VMs was properly registered after the upgrade.

Since the team got destroyed in the upgrade process, the network configuration of the VM got broken as well. After I reconfigured the virtual switch to point to my NIC team, I couldn’t configure the VM NICs to bind to the virtual switch. I received an error while applying the setting. Deleting the NICs and recreating them solved the issue for. Then I needed to reconfigure the IP on the NICs in the VM which is just an annoyance…


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